Hidden Pieces

I come up out of hiding

With regrets burning beneath my skin

Sitting in the light for the first time

I feel small beneath your powerful and familiar name

But led here by your tender invitation

And tender mercies

I come up out of hiding,

Burrowed beneath the dirt

And the leaves, and the twigs

Numb and bleeding as the

light kisses my skin

As if you wanted me to know

In my shattered hopelessness

That your touch could reach me even here

And see my broken parts as beautiful


I come out of hiding with my head hanging low

Fully displaying to the world

Your masterpiece in a million

Shattered pieces

And I can only look away in regret

Like a child

I come out with my hands up to my father

And present him with the pieces

Of the gift I’ve been given

I didn’t know how to handle it.

Cracked down the center one time

I hid it away and tried to repair it with messy glue

Until the mess was so sticky and shattered in my hands

Pieces falling through the gaps between my fingers


“Some of the pieces I still can’t find”

I come out of hiding and into the sun

It’s warm and unfamiliar

And the light seeps through past my curtain of shame

I give myself into his loving hands

And marvel that my Father in Heaven

So filled with tender grace

Would bring me home

Into his gracious arms to be made beautiful again


I come out of hiding

And the light feels like home

Embraced by my Father,

I trust him with my life

With every broken piece

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