My Thoughts: The Archers of Avalon Books One and Two

The Archers of Avalon Series by Chelsea Fine

Books 1 and 2

Very rarely do I ever give up on a book before the end anyway,  but I am still a total sucker for those books with the killer openings! Right to the top of my to be read/in the middle of it list! For this series it only took the prologue of the first book to know this was definitely a book for me! Two books in, I can say that it was totally worth it to keep reading! First book started out a little too fast for my liking like it was kind of impatient to get to the knitty gritty and some of the characters were sort of annoying, if not a little cliched. Make no mistake, at certain times and to a certain degree cliché is perfectly fine and even great to have a book. Sometimes! Hanging in there was worth than worth it for me and everything from the middle of the first book to where I am now completely makes up for the start and I can understand the quick beginning. On top of unpredictable this series is completely ENRAGING and even now I am so angry at what’s happened and where I am. Inevitably though, I’m clearly going to finish because  I HAVE to know how it ends.

Call me twisted, but a part of me kind of loves it when a book can piss me off so much without being completely illogical. Some parts seemed a bit too simple and others were more complex than I anticipated. As long as I can understand why the characters did what they did but I still don’t have to like it! Now I’m just curious to see what kind of ending the author has envisioned for this series because I am in need of some serious closure!

    The story centers around a girl who wakes up in the forest with no memory of anything but her name and her age (cue the immediate interest). Two years later she still can’t remember anything about her life before she woke up but now she meets two guys who make her feel like she is close to remembering who she is and where she came from. Who that is, isn’t at all predictable even after she starts to learn the truth and I was completely dying for her to get all the pieces together to the point of pure annoyance. I think all of the characters, even the ones who seem most superficial, became more complex as the story line developed and I am a big fan of those strong female characters. Even though in this case, that strong female character didn’t know who she was, the person underneath was completely awesome. All I needed was for her to remember who she was so she could start getting as angry I am!

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