My Thoughts: The Fifth Wave Series by Rick Yancey


            I am a total sucker for paranormal and science fiction novels and this particular series was one that caught my attention after seeing the preview for the first movie. It took me a while to bite but I was in the market for a new book to satisfy my desperate craving so I took a shot on the first novel and got hooked in the very first chapter. It is always refreshing to come across a book, an author, who really knows how to drag you in for the long haul. Not to mention the fact that I freaking adore a sassy and sarcastic female lead in an action filled book with a little bit of romance thrown in.

            The plot of the books focuses around a series of alien attacks on the planet Earth that progressively dwindle the population down to the very last one percent of unlucky survivors all fighting to survive and not knowing who to trust as they fearfully anticipate the next attack, The Fifth Wave.

            Now I am such a sucker for romance that I’m normally so picky with these books but the action, and adrenaline, and the fighting to survive and preserve humanity when the very humanity of human kind is under attack was out of this world and I was totally obsessing less than halfway through book one. Love, though a major theme in the books, was so much deeper than a man and a woman fighting to be together at the end of the word. The theme was about sacrifice and love for your fellow humans and not knowing who that was anymore or who you could trust. It seriously makes you wonder what Rick Yancey was thinking about when he wrote such an amazing and deep book with such heavy themes of religion and companionship, faith and sacrifice. It really is up for your own interpretation and imagination. All three books were an emotional roller coaster that had me fan-girling big time!

            And yeah, the books were about aliens but it was probably one of the most realistic science fiction book series I’ve read in a while, alternating between the POV’s of many different characters for you to see their raw thoughts, emotions, and in some cases their deaths, raw and heroic! It’s awesome and heart-wrenching and if I could go back and unread it just so I could read it again for the first time I’d do it in a heartbeat!




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